Lessons Learned From a Disaster

How in Just Six Months, Pinnacle Strategies Helped the Company and Contractors in Charge of Cleaning Up the 2010 Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, by Doubling the Supply of Skimmers, Boom and Other Critical Resources, and in Doing So Saved More Than $700 Million using and applying the Theory of Constraints and Lean Manufacturing Principles. 


The mission: Improve supply lines and performance for one of the largest oil spill cleanup efforts in history.  And by the way, you have to quadruple capacity in a few weeks.

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A Look Inside...

  • "We had to start a cleanup company from scratch and basically build a Fortune 500 company overnight."

  • "Pinnacle Strategies came in and knocked down the major roadblock we were facing with the welding issues. But that isn't the main benefit. The best effect was inspiring our staff to think out of the box. When one roadblock comes down, pretty soon you face another. We learned how to knock them down ourselves."

  • "Changing specifications helped produce more boom, too. At Supply Pro, Pinnacle suggested that the company make 20-foot sections rather than 10, cutting the time spent on connections in half and boosting capacity by eight percent."

  • "Pinnacle sent out teams to monitor dock usage and measure space, using a uniform standard for assessing space availability. Their efforts proved immediately relevant, exposing 50 percent more potential dock working area for decontamination. Within days, dock utilization rose to 80 percent, then 100 percent and higher with a subsequent increase in vessel completion."

By applying the principles of the Theory of Constraints and Lean Manufacturing, Pinnacle Strategies paved a path for success under emergency conditions. Now imagine what you could achieve by applying these same principles to your operations today.

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